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Janet Hughes, founder and president of Vision First Foundation, is a former full-time teacher and currently a stay-at-home mother of five children. She can be reached here.


  1. Hi Janet!

    Very nice and informative website. Keep up the great work!

    Larry, Granddad to Arianna

  2. Wonderful things are happening because of a wonderful person. Keep going and good luck! Sharen Barr

  3. Janet
    I do admire your good work.
    You are a star!

    Luis Gonzalez-Mena
    Easy does it.

  4. You are truly making a difference in the life of so many children! One person really can create positive change!…I loved your creativity and insight for a Healthy New Year “Eye do” and Don’ts! Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Janet,
    Very inspiring site and info. What great work you’re doing.
    Kudos to you!!
    Congratulations. You have successfully signed the petition:
    Urge Illinois to Accept Vision First Form for Eye Exams!
    You are signer #362

  6. You are inspiring all of us to “see the light” and “follow our mission in life.”

    I think it’s great when someone like yourself takes on a cause based on her OWN experience. I think that makes the cause that much more worthwhile.

    Your blog is great!

  7. Congratulations! You are doing what most of us would like to do, making a real difference.

    I appreciate you and what you’re doing. I know there are a lot of people, especially kids, who are being affected in a positive way by what you’re doing.

    When you’re old and gray you’ll have something great to look back on. I’m proud to know you and support you.

    Keep up the good work and take care,

  8. Im sure you’re intention’s are sincere but the fact is you’re terribly misinformed and the legislation you advocate simply panders to the optometry lobby which does a very poor job when it comes to pediatric eye care. Money should be directed into vision screening and not into the pockets of pseudo professionals who extort money for unproven therapy and glasses that are unwarranted 30% of the time.

  9. Thanks, Keith, for visiting Janet’s Journal and sharing your concerns.

    I agree with you that unnecessary glasses are prescribed at times. Probably in the same manner that unnecessary drugs and surgeries are recommended to patients! Sadly, this is a side-effect of our health care system.

    Directing money into vision screenings? I must disagree with you here. My daughter passed her vision screenings with a significant vision problem. She was not an isolated case.

    Parents and the public need to be informed that a vision screening is not a substitute for an eye examination by an eye doctor.

    It is my hope and goal that optometrists and ophthalmologists will set aside their differences, and instead, join together in putting the visual needs of children first.

  10. Janet, thank you for your determined efforts against a status quo that falls short of caring enough about the well-being of our children to see the need for change.

    In the seventies I was mentored by Jim and Mary Eleanor Wall of Elmhurst. Jim was a member of the DNC and Editor of Christian Century Magazine, and Mary Eleanor a past AAUW President. I ran Mary Eleanor’s campaign for DuPage County Board, and she became its first-ever elected female and independent Democrat.

    Jimmy Carter was elected (a year later?) and stayed at Jim and Mary Eleanor’s home shortly after his Inauguration. I relocated several times and we eventually lost touch because I disengaged from politics for many years– how foolish of me — but I found an internet reference not long ago indicating that Mary Eleanor was still on the DuPage County Board.

    You remind me of Mary Eleanor for seeing the need for change and devoting yourself to achieve it for the sake of others. I know that like her you will persist for a lifetime.

    Green Education Network is only a few months along in its journey to make a difference. You are welcome to click on the “Member Log-in and Sign-Up” link at the top middle of our home page, so as to register and be able to post your photo and foundation mission and link in that area of the site. We’ll follow up with inclusion of you in our “We Support” list if you mention that you are a voice for environmental education in your work on the school board, and if you write that you are a strong voice, I’ll issue you an invite to be an Honorary Advisor to GEN, which imposes no burden but gets your photo and mission bio added to our “About Us” page.

  11. Janet,
    Sure glad parents like you have had enough
    misinformation about what is proper vision care to launch your own investigation as to what is comprehensive vision care.

    You convinced the legislators and the teachers and had the first 100% passages by both houses of two vision bills. The patients can choose the eye care professional of choice, and we are confident you will choose the ones that meet your expectations.

  12. Thank you so much for the work you are doing for the children. I hope you will update us soon.

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