Posted by: Janet Hughes | April 24, 2010

Kudos to District 1-J Lions

John and Lion Jim Addington, 1st Vice Governor Elect for District 1-J at the 52nd annual convention.

Sight saving programs, hearing loss prevention, diabetes awareness…
name the cause and your local Lions club is ready to help!

“Members Making a Difference” this month features a leading group of dedicated volunteers from the largest service organization in the world— Lions Clubs International.

Kudos to the Lions clubs in Illinois’ District 1-J for outstanding community service!

District 1-J Governor Lion George Endean, his wife Sharon, John, and Lion Leo Snyder, 2nd Vice Governor Elect

Thanks to District 1-J Governor George Endean, Lion Jim Addington, and Lion Floyd Mizener, my youngest son John and I attended our first Lions convention.

As the parent behind Illinois’ two recent laws for children’s vision, the timing couldn’t have been better.

Read more about Amy’s Vision Law here and required eye exams before starting school here.

Kudos to 45,000 Lions clubs worldwide!

Lions Clubs are known all over the world for their commitment to preventing blindness and preserving sight. The perfect tie-in to Vision First Foundation!

Vision First hosted a table filled with information about our new non-profit group and our Kids Eyes Count Campaign.

Did you know there is a big difference between vision screenings and eye exams? View this short video here…

We met many fine Lions who are making a difference in their hometowns: sponsoring vision and hearing impaired children to Camp Lions; collecting used eyeglasses; providing holiday meals to needy families; donating scholarship money to college kids in need; sponsoring “Ski for Sight” and “Someone Special;” as well as supporting the Lions of Illinois Foundation and the Lions Clubs International Foundation.

Lion Richard Butz, president of Naperville Noon Lions Club with John, age 5. Illinois law requires an eye exam for all children starting kindergarten.

District 1-J fulfills the Lions mission: “to empower volunteers to serve their communities.”

Congratulations to all members for leading the way in helping others!

District 1-J is one of 12 districts in Illinois. Five regions of clubs have about 2700 members in 71 towns such as:

Clarendon Hills
Crystal Lake
Downers Grove
Oak Brook
South Elgin
West Chicago

Lion Ketan Kansara from Wood Dale signs up and joins the Kids Eyes Count Campaign!

Make a difference in the eyes of a child! Follow three simple steps in the “Kids Eyes Count Campaign.”

KNOW vision screening is not a substitute for eye examination.

MAKE comprehensive eye and vision examinations by an eye doctor part of a child’s healthcare.

KEEP eye care health and good vision habits a priority.

Join the “Kids Eyes Count” email list here. Receive updates and important news.

Vision First respects your privacy. Your email address will not be shared or sold.

Sign-up here today!

Many thanks again to all Lions Club members. You’re living your motto, “We Serve!” God bless your efforts and all the good will you bring to others!

Learn how Lions Clubs can support Vision First Foundation here…

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Vision screening is not a substitute for an eye examination.

John's slinky entertains Lions Ed & Gary!

Over 1.3 million members worldwide make Lions Clubs the leader in community service.

Lion Dale from Batavia proud to be a Lion

Sign-up here and be on the Kids Eyes Count email list. Alana did!

Lion Nancy Cummings from Downers Grove Noon club with a future Leo!

Leo clubs give young people a chance to volunteer and help others, too.

Lions sponsor vision and hearing impaired children to Camp Lions.

Lions sponsor Ski for Sight for the blind.

John takes a break and eats P & J.

Lions clubs empower volunteers to serve their communities.

Lions are known worldwide for their commitment to preserving sight.

Name the cause and your local Lions club is ready to help.

Name the cause and your local Lions club is ready to help.

Keep eye care health and good vision habits a priority.

International guest and convention keynote speaker Lion Joe Preston

Did you know every vision screening should have a disclaimer?

NO Lions club in your area? Don't worry. You can start one!

Lions collect and recyle used glasses.

Healthy eyes and good vision are a child's best school supply!

Lions also have fun! Lion Bruce sings the Slinky song to John!

Lion Brian Clevenger, president of Batavia Lions Club

Make comprehensive eye and vision examinations by an eye doctor part of a child's health care.

Lions make new friends. Lions Karyn and Ray are my inspiration!

Lion Gary Vician of Naperville Noon

Lion Bob Jilke, District 1-J Trustee and Lion Ken from Lions of Illinois Foundation

Lions make a difference. Join your local Lions Club today!


  1. Fantabulous! Great pics with excellent captions. You work so hard for kids in many ways.

  2. Great pictures , is that your little son who was smiling on one of your previous video’s ?
    Thanks for doing so mch for the future generation .
    Warm greetings !!

  3. Thanks, Nora and Aletta, for your kind words. Glad you liked the pictures and captions!

    And yes, that’s John! Do you believe my youngest baby will be starting kindergarten in the fall?!


  4. Janet this was great! The Lions Club is such a great organization to be teaming up with! The impact you are making for children’s sight and eye health is amazing! Kudos to you in the highest!

  5. I adore the pictures of the Future Leo on top of the stuffed lion! How cute! Your work matters. Thank you for all that you do, Janet.

  6. I’m speechless! This is great, Janet. I had no idea the Lions clubs did so much! Hope they team up with Vision First.

    That little boy is so cute!!!!! Is he a professional? 🙂

  7. The Downtown Lions Club, the very first Lions Club in San Diego, California, supported Parents Active for Vision Education’s (P.A.V.E.) mission to educate the public about learning related vision problems. The Lions supported our first vision project to screen students and to educate parents and school staff including the teachers. That was over twenty years ago!! Its important to interface with supporting service clubs who give so much to our local communities.

  8. I think it’s wonderful how you have come alongside the Lion’s Club for such a noble cause, sharing the same “vision“ of hope for those in need.

    Keep up the good fight!

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