Posted by: Janet Hughes | April 29, 2009

Janet Wins Seat on Grade School Board

photo-schools-out-kidsOfficial results were posted today certifying four winners in the District 113A grade school board election.

I’m proud my running mates Tim Goodwin, Karen Siston, Al Malley, and I ran a clean and positive campaign. We exposed important issues and corrected a wrong when school officials failed to post the two-year unexpired term from 2007. Because the judge ruled in our favor, voters decided the fourth seat that I ended up winning!

I’m thrilled and honored to have the opportunity and privilege to serve our community on the Board of Education. I look forward to leading our school district in a new direction with my running mate Karen Siston.

Thank you again, Tim, Karen, and Al, for being exceptional friends and to all who supported our campaign for school board.


  1. I also want to thank all my wonderful friends at Care2 for their continued support.

    Check out this news post that made the Care2 front page!

  2. Hi Janet,

    Congratulations on your victory, truly a chip off the old block as the saying goes. Your Dad would be very proud of you.

    Continued success and Love,
    Uncle Jack and Aunt Ruth

  3. Congratulations Janet! I’m sure you will do a fantastic job.

    Good luck in your endeavors with that!
    Tom and Veronica

  4. Congratulations! You did it!
    Good job…..once again!


  5. Congrats Janet, Just proves the cream always rizes to the top.

    Big Hugs


  6. […] Janet Wins Seat on Grade School Board April 29, 2009 This post also links to my new education blog “Reaching the Stars.” Yes, it’s been a busy year! Read about the election here… Here’s the deal…”Illinois” Hold’em style! May 18, 2009 Written for the novice poker player, here’s my spin on the famous game “Texas Hold’em.” Comments were great! Deal the kids a winning hand here… […]

  7. Dear Friends,

    My first term is up for re-election. Check out my new website, “Write-in Janet Hughes.”

    I am a “write-in” candidate for this election. Do you believe I was booted off the ballot over a paper clip? Read that story here…

    I will keep you posted as we move closer to election day on April 5, 2011. In the meantime, check out these YouTube meeting excerpts here…

    Thank you for your support of my “write-in” candidacy!

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