Posted by: Janet Hughes | April 13, 2009

Good News & Bad News


Listen here!

GOOD NEWS: The election is over and I can breathe again.
BAD NEWS: Low voter turnout showed at the polls. Running mate Karen Siston and I were the only newcomers on our slate to beat two incumbents and unofficially win seats on the District 113A school board. Official results will be posted after the absentee and provisional ballots are counted on April 28. Right now, I’m ahead of an incumbent seeking his third term by six votes. More details on our campaign website here…

CB049346GOOD NEWS: Today I remember the late Dr. Irving Kernis on his birthday and his quest for our Vision First form for eye exams.
BAD NEWS: The proposed rule went to second notice during my run for school board.  I’m sorry to inform you that the Vision First form was rejected. Published April 3, 2009 in the Illinois Register, the rulemaking is scheduled for adoption at the meeting for JCAR review on April 21, 2009.

Janet and Mike Horstman

Janet and Mike Horstman

GOOD NEWS: The Honorable Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and State Senator Christine Radogno, Illinois Deputy Republican Leader, along with 1,048 persons from around the world supported the approval of the Vision First form during First Notice. The Illinois Optometric Association also adopted a resolution in 2007 to support the mission of Vision First.
BAD NEWS: Michael Horstman, executive director of the Illinois Optometric Association, and eleven school nurses and screeners objected to the approval of more than one form that could be used as proof of an eye exam excluding our Vision First form that would help many, many children. Read more here…

What’s going on?

More updates and critical information coming soon.

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  1. Congratulations, regardless of the outcome! Dianne

  2. Michael Horstman, executive director of the Illinois Optometric Association, and eleven school nurses and screeners objected…
    Maybe the exec. director, school nurses and others are too old to cut the mustard and don’t understand the way of the new. What the heck, SCHOOL NURSES anyway??? Couldn’t they find anyone more drab than that to object?
    Sorry… had to vent…
    Congrats to the good news though, hope it all works out. You are the one for the postition, the kind that cares, something that we don’t see much in today’s world these days. Most are greedy beyond care, more important to most is their personal gain and the ‘lime light’.
    You’re a fighter! Hang in there! 🙂

  3. Congratulations, I’m sure you will work hard on behalf of our students!


  4. Congratulations on the good news , eventually your hard work will pay off !!! Hugs !!!

  5. Janet, I know your efforts will be rewarded one day. You don’t give up and I am proud of you. Also, the school board needs you. Keep me posted. I am sorry I am so behind. Been working OT. Hard to keep up. Also, you take marvelous pictures. Keep smiling.

  6. Janet
    Any professional who opposes the use of your form is basically saying lowering standards for learning related vision problems is acceptable.

  7. What an interesting site and discussion. Missouri is also discovering how complex vision is and how many children have vision issues that aren’t found with regular screening. We’ve developed a system to screen children at school and look at issue such as tracking, eye teaming, visual perspective skills, effecient eye movement etc. We find that 41% of K – 3 student have vision issues in addition to acuity! We also have a system to tutor kids at school to help them develop the skills needed. We are not for profit and really love helping kids.

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