Posted by: Janet Hughes | March 21, 2009

Janet Seeks First Term on Grade School Board


Janet at the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield.

Cheers!  I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for the April 7, 2009 grade school board election with running mates Tim Goodwin, Karen Siston, and Al Malley.  Together, we hope to unseat the four incumbents running and lead District 113A in a new direction.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” is one of my favorite quotes. Ghandi’s wisdom inspires me to get involved. As a former full-time teacher who is now a stay-at-home mother of five children, I know the important role parents and teachers play in a child’s life.

Volunteering for the school board is a great way to be a part of the solution. Providing the best education reaps rewards not only for our children, but also for our community.

This is an important election. Eight candidates are vying for four seats. Four vacancies on a seven-member board offer the opportunity of the majority vote on important issues facing our schools today.

Recently, my running mates and I took action to correct a ballot error. The problem occurred when school officials failed to post the two-year unexpired term. February 23, 2009, “Vote for 3” with a Board appointed fourth member was rejected in court. A federal judge ruled in our favor. Voters will now decide all four seats at the April 7 election. The ruling set a precedent for voters’ rights in elections nationwide.


The Hughes children

I’m motivated to make a difference in education. As founder and president of the non-profit group Vision First Foundation, children’s welfare is a priority to me. I authored and ensured the passage of an Illinois PTA resolution, amendment to the National PTA Position Statement Elements of Comprehensive Health Programs, and the Illinois Association of School Boards Belief Statement Number Twelve. I’m also the parent behind Illinois’ two recent laws for children’s eye exams and America’s leading advocate for children’s vision at Janet’s Journal.

Effective school boards are fiscally responsible and transparent. This is the largest issue facing the District 113A Board. My running mates and I will stop deficit spending and restore efficiency with our tax dollars. We will also set district policies that support transparency in government, accountability, and the Illinois Freedom of Information Act.

I’m passionate about leading our school district to be one of the best in the area and in Illinois. My extensive experience and background as an educator, parent, and advocate will be an asset to a school board.  I will work hard for the benefit of all.

Together, my running mates and I will connect with the community and bring renewed openness, integrity, and trust to the district.

I will continue to be a strong voice for high standards, responsible government, and solid quality programs for our students.

Janet and Muffin

Janet and Muffin

I encourage you to learn all you can about your school board candidates and vote for the people who will best represent you.

Your vote counts and can make a difference!

Thank you for your support of our candidacy.

My running mates and I look forward to serving our community as Lemont-Bromberek CSD 113A Board of Education members.

Please visit our website at:  Reaching the Stars for our Children and Schools.

goldstar.gif picture by catmanwillgoldstar.gif picture by catmanwillgoldstar.gif picture by catmanwillgoldstar.gif picture by catmanwill

Lemont’s winning school board picks,
We’re on the ballot as third through sixth.

Change we need to make our schools great,
Vote April 7th. Vote center and straight!

Vote for 4
3. Janet Hughes
4. Timothy L. Goodwin
5. Karen Siston
6. Al Malley


Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is safe, dreaming more than others think is practical, and expecting more than others think is possible. —Anonymous

Lemont-Bromberek CSD 113A is governed by a seven-member Board of Education. Each member is an elected official who serves a four-year term of office or is appointed when a vacant seat occurs. School board elections are held in the spring of each odd calendar year.

The purpose of the board is to set and monitor the school district budget, review and amend district policies, and hire the district superintendent.


  1. Janet!
    I am so very proud of you and all of your incredible accomplishments! You have worked so very hard on behalf of children and this is an obvious ‘next step’ for achieving the goals you continue to work so hard for..those high standards that we so desperately need, responsible government that is held accountable, and solid quality programs for our children.

    “Thank you” for your generous gift of time, energy and service AND dedication!! I wish you and your running mates only the best of luck in the upcoming election! God bless you! ~ Lucy Beal, M.S., N.C.C.

  2. Hey Janet,
    Good luck with the election.I hope you get it.
    Sounds so exciting for you.
    Have a great week,Cynthia

  3. Thank you, Lucy and Cynthia, for your kind words of cheer and good luck.

    Yes, this is an exciting step to be a candidate for the school board. I’m also blessed to have three great running mates for this important election. You don’t see four people running together very often!

    I hope and pray we all win those four seats. Your support in making that happen means a lot. Thank you!

  4. Hi Janet!
    I wish you all the best for the election and hope that you will soon be able to take care of Vision First!
    I have started the group for you in Care2 I have started the group for you in Facebook and I have told you that you can forget Care2 completely because it’s just a waste of time. When you are back focus on Facebook!
    Facebook is 1000 times more efficient than Care2 especially if you have a guardian angel with a Facebook Grader score of 97 out of 100….
    Vision first is a cause that people don’t follow because Eye Care is ok! It’s your duty to tell the world why EYE CARE is not ok! I will help you as soon as you are back on track! This school election is something that you can do on your own! I love your compassion!
    I am sure that you will make it!

    PS You should start using twitter! For the election!

  5. It would be a very good thing for you to be elected in to the position. I do feel you do care alot about today’s youth and their well being wish everyone felt as strongly as you, especially in how well they can or can’t see the blackboard.

    It does seem that the issue of children is not important unless someone with a big name or lots of money is pushing it. The days of Bush are gone and I hope that is forever…, now it is ‘Time for Change’ and is long overdue, out with the ‘bad’ and in with the ‘New’!

  6. Good Luck! You are an inspiration to the family and community. Your dedication to the wellness and concern for children speaks for itself. Sincerely, Uncle Jim

  7. Janet
    I don’t know anyone who has more energy than you. I’m sure it would be a breath of fresh air to the school board to have you seated.
    The children of your district will be the ones to benefit from your ability to expose the deficiencies
    that all school districts maintain these days.
    Good luck

  8. Janet,

    Just wanted to drop a word or two of encouragement, hang in there, you’re doing a great job!

    Rogue says hi to Muffin and has offered to help him learn some tricks… he posted a video of himself on his website for all to see. If Rogue can do tricks, then so can Muffin!

    It is our hope that the voters in your community recognize that you are the right person for the job. It is my hope that you and your team are elected to the board!


  9. You go girl! I wish that I lived in Lemont to vote for your slate.

    I know first hand how dedicated you are to all children. We are in a time of change. You would be an excellent change. Your intelligence, compassion, energy and honesty are great assests that are needed.

  10. Here’s to you, Janet, you would be a prize for your school with your place on the School Board. You’re the best. Good luck, my dear friend, you certainly deserve the position, and the School will be lucky to have you. You will add so much to the job School.

  11. Great Janet,
    Good luck with the election.I hope you get it.
    Sounds so exciting for you.
    Have a great week, Janet you will do great. Michael

  12. Janet,

    You are such an inspiration. I wish we could vote for you in California! Good luck!


  13. No one knows like I do how you can count on Janet.

    I never dreamed we would find a parent who would take the leadership, and work to resolve a issue long standing in Illinois where children were neglected from having comprehensive eye and vison examinations due to an inadaquate school vision screening program in the state. When her children were victimized, she got to source of the problem and got the law changed.

  14. Best Wishes Janet!

  15. Hi Janet. I too am running for school board in Easton, PA. Seems like you and I have more in common than just an interest in children’s vision.

    And, in better news, my son officially “graduated” from Vision Therapy yesterday! 6 months of work and expense are at an end. My daughter is still in the program, but after the results we had with our son, we are ready to keep on trecking.

    It’s incredible how misunderstood vision problems are as a potential cause of struggles in school. If anyone could see the difference this has made for our son they would not hesitate to help the cause.

    Good luck to you in the coming election. I’m sure that your time and talents as a child advocate will benefit your school district.

  16. Janet,

    I am so blessed to have a friend like you, and so are all those children. I wish that I could vote for you also. GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS !!!!

  17. Hi Janet congratulations. you deserve all the success coming to you. You work hard and are passionate about what is important to you and you make a difference. You have beautiful children too. They must be so proud of their mum. I hope you win the ballot. My prays are with you. With Love & Blessings, Lily K.

  18. I am so proud of you Janet and wish you all the best!! I know you will be a great asset to all of them.
    Best of luck my friend-Misti

  19. Dear Janet, her five kids, and Muffin:

    I wish I could vote for all of you!
    Irving (Florida)

  20. After meeting you in person and seeing how smartly you shop at Jewell, you’ve got my vote!
    Good Luck and I’m sure that you will make the difference.

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