Posted by: Janet Hughes | January 10, 2009

Healthy New Year! Top Ten “Eye do” and Don’ts

website-photo-lisa-looking-to-the-rightGet in shape, watch that weight.  Spend less, clean my mess.  Yikes!  Forget resolutions. That’s mine for 2009!

Brian Tracey has the right idea:  “Good habits are hard to form and easy to live with.  Bad habits are easy to form and hard to live with.  Nothing is neutral.  Everything counts.”

Best to follow his advice and begin forming good habits today. 

Here are my top ten “do and don’ts” for your eyes:

10. Don’t neglect your eyes.  Experts estimate 80% of all learning comes through the eyes. We depend on our vision for almost everything we do.
Do keep eye care health a priority.

9. Don’t go more than two years without an eye exam. Think prevention. Early detection and treatment is always best. Read more about eye exams here.
Do make an eye appointment with your eye doctor every year.

8. Don’t assume vision screenings are adequate. Vision screenings do not diagnose eye and vision problems. Vision screeners are not licensed or insured. Read more about vision screenings here.
Do know a vision screening is not a substitute for an eye examination.

7. Don’t feast on junk food.  Your eyes need lots of zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and omega-3 fats. Cantaloupe, carrots, spinach, peanuts, chick peas…yummmm!
Do eat plenty of healthy foods everyday.

6. Don’t look directly at the sun. The sun’s UV rays are harmful and can damage your retina.
Do wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection always on sunny days.

5. Don’t read with poor lighting or hold your book too close. Vision is more than seeing clearly; it also includes visual effeciency. Here are common questions about vision with uncommon answers.
Do keep good vision habits a priority.

4. Don’t assume accidents won’t happen to you. Nearly half of eye injuries occur at home. This 2002 study showed 4.7 million eye injuries occurred in the workplace.
Do protect your eyes with safety glasses or goggles when needed.

3. Don’t let children play with fireworks, sharp objects, or toys that shoot.  Darts, sparklers, and other dangerous toys can cause blindness.  Remember, we have only one pair of eyes to last a lifetime.
Do choose toys carefully, and childproof your home.

2. Don’t ignore headaches, eyestrain, or double vision.  The Vision First Reference Page explains a comprehensive eye and vision examination. Did you see the latest study from the Mayo Clinic about an eye problem with these symptoms that affects reading and learning?
Do tell your eye doctor, and know that symptoms can be treated.

1. Don’t work endless hours on the computer like I do without a break! Computer vision syndrome is a common problem today. There is a solution. Computer glasses and breaks relieve the visual stress caused from staring at that screen.
Do follow the 20-20-20 Rule:  Every 20 minutes, Look 20 feet away, For at least 20 seconds.

Oh oh…my timer buzzed. Time for that break! I’m starting now. Will you join me?

Let’s be like “Nike,” and just do it.

What do you think about new year’s resolutions?  


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  1. Janet, I don’t know how you do it! This is great. I am forwarding it. Thanks for all your time and work.

  2. Wonders never cease! Great work, Janet.

    It is so exciting to see a parent Quarterback like you saying things we in optometry are not in a position to say, or even being heard!

    This must be what time you made the front page?!

    Dr. Mizener

  3. Thanks Janet for this info! It’s all really good and will pass it on. Lili

  4. Thank you, Nora, Dr. Mizener, and Lili, for your kind comments. Super you’re sharing the info! I don’t know how I do it, either. Five kids AND a puppy keeps me very busy!

    Dr. Mizener, this post made the front page at Care2 News Network! The comments have been great!

    Read here:

  5. You learn something new everyday. Had no idea there were computer “glasses!”

    Thanks Janet – you opened my eyes!

  6. Indeed, Sue, there are computer glasses and they help most everyone, but particularly older individuals whose near vision has diminished and they need to wear bifocals.

    Computer glasses have lenses focused at about 20 inches or so, the distance from the user’s eyes and the computer. These are single vision lenses that prevent the need to raise your chin to focus through a bifocal lens.

    There are also special computer lenses with tints that allow computer users to do computer work without unnecessary eye fatigue. Most private optometrists would be able to advise you on both types of lenses.

    Before retiring, I practiced optometry and prescribed many of these glasses.

  7. Hi Janet! You did it again! What a beautiful blog. You are so devoted to this cause. Thank you.

    Keep up your great work. The world needs more people like you who care.

  8. Thank you, Janet…that is a GREAT post. You do wonders for children’s eyes, and more!

  9. This was very useful information. Thanks for sharing.

  10. How are you going to top this post next month? I’m looking forward to reading more!

  11. Thank you Janet, you are a blessing for all that you do. Thank yo so much for the information, it is so very good and useful.

  12. […] Healthy New Year! Top Ten “Eye do” and Don’ts Jan. 10, 2009 Here are my top ten “do and don’ts” for your eyes.  Oh oh…includes the #1 resolution I did NOT keep! Read more here… […]

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