Posted by: Janet Hughes | December 3, 2008

Santa Joins Campaign!

website-photo-mark-and-santa-claus1Become a part of the solution. Give back to your community. Make a difference in the eyes of a child. Santa did! Will you?

According to the National Eye Institute, Vision disorders are the most handicapping condition in childhood yet fewer than 15% of all preschoolers receive an eye examination before starting school. 

Santa wants the best for children’s eyes. We should want the same. No child should experience school with a hidden eye or vision problem.

The Kids Eyes Count Campaign by Vision First Foundation is a winning action plan.  Experts estimate 80% of all learning comes through the eyes. The Campaign promotes the best eye care for every child. 

Follow three simple steps and YOU can be a part of the Campaign with Santa!

1. KNOW vision screening is not a substitute for an eye examination.

2. MAKE comprehensive eye and vision examinations by an eye doctor part of a child’s health care.

3. KEEP eye care health and good vision habits a priority.

Yes.  Anyone who wants the best for children’s eyes can join the Kids Eyes Count Campaign…even Santa Claus. 

Ho ho ho… If Santa joined, I hope you will, too!

It’s simple, easy, and free…

Make a difference in the eyes of a child.

Join here today.

“Act as if what you do makes a difference.  It does.”  William James


Copyright (c) 2008 Vision First Foundation. All rights reserved.


  1. GOD bless you for all you do for kids. You are really an ANGEL to them.
    Much Love as always,
    Black Dalia:)

  2. Oh Dalia…thank YOU for your sweetness. Your encouragement and support are priceless. I will keep fighting for what’s best for the kids. God bless you, dear friend…

  3. Well! If Santa can do it, then I hope the rest of the state can do it also! Thanks Jan for your work to help children get the very best of their growing years.

    MERRY XMAS!!!!!!!! Dianne

  4. Hi Janet! Thank you for posting these statistics along with your powerful message!! I admit that I wasn’t fully aware of the devastating impact until I became more familiar with your campaign! I APPLAUD your efforts and I rank this Mission of Vision First as one of thee most vital efforts to date!!! Let’s all do our part in support of it this Holiday…and every day!!! Many thanks and God bless! Lucy

  5. You’re doing such wonderful work. And HARD work. Keep on going and keep making a difference like we all should try to do!

  6. That’s wonderful. You’ve really done alot!!! Keep up the good work

  7. God Bless, As a retired orthoptist who has blessed many children under my specialized professional care for 50 years, by means of Orthoptic Therapy which is now available to all infants and toddlers and pre-schoolers , i know the value and importance of a complete eye exam and orthoptic evaluation in order to successfully reverse the amblyopia and the lack of binocular vision. Words can not express the joy and the most self rewarding gratification that Rachael has experienced during my 50 years of practice. It has been “Awesome”
    Here i am at the age of 87 , advocating”
    Early Detectiom
    Early Correction
    Rachael’s motto will always be
    To help our young children
    develop their full visual capacity.
    Rachael stands willing, ready and ABLE
    to come to the rescue of “precious bundles of joy” who are being challenged with Strabismus/Amblyopia and other neuro visual problems which place them at risk of not being able to enjoy efficient, comfortable and productive binocular vision which indeed does enhance their ability to learn.

  8. Thanks to my good friends. Your comments and support are encouraging and heartwarming!

    DIANNE: I love it…If Santa can do it, let’s hope the STATE will do it, too!!!! BTW, THAT is on my Santa list! (along with a two-week vacation to the Bahamas ALONE! LOL)

    LUCY: You’re right…uncorrected vision problems can have a devastating impact on a child’s schooling and success in life. Wish the IDPH could read your comment! 🙂

    JULIE: Yes…I have been working hard, long, and late hours. You should see the bags under my eyes!!! LOL Our kids are worth it…

    FEB: Did I tell you I’m also running for the school board? I’ll keep up the good work in our hometown, too. 🙂

    RACHAEL: YOU are amazing. Hats off to YOU for all you’re doing for children’s vision. I hope I have your dynaminc energy and beautiful looks when I’m 87!!! You inspire me!

  9. Janet: What is absolutely great about you and Vision First is that you both are like enerjizer batteries, you keep going and going and going. And for good causes. As a retired optometrist, I appreciate more than most the great work you have done and continue doing. Thanks.

  10. Thank you, Dr. Bennett…you made my day.

    May I clone you?


  11. […] Santa Joins Campaign!  December 3, 2008 Anyone who wants the best for children’s eyes can join the Kids Eyes Count Campaign…even Santa Claus.   No child should experience school with an uncorrected vision problem.  Ho ho ho… If  Santa joined, I hope you will, too! It’s simple, easy, and free.  Join here today.  This post also made the front page at C2NN. Wow. My friends are great!  […]

  12. You offer hope for a brighter future for childern Janet. Please let me know how I can help.

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