Posted by: Janet Hughes | November 26, 2008

Feast for Your Eyes

website-photo-thanksgiving06_thumb“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”  Melody Beattie

I love this quote. It’s full of wisdom, strength, and hope. Just what I need during the current permanent rulemaking of Illinois’ new eye exam law.

Thanksgiving is also the perfect time to share with you my gratitude list of all the good at Vision First Foundation. Enjoy this feast for your eyes…

Amy’s Law * The Kids Eyes Count Campaign * Three Simple Steps * A+ Action Plan * excellent Vision First forms * The Reference Page * prewritten letters for schools * helpful fact sheets * wonderful articles * healthy habits guide * important resolutions * nice compliments * great links * all about vision & reading and child development * common vision questions answered * strong advocacy * shining accomplishments * answers to your questions * super support * exciting events shared stories * the one-and-only Optometric Four Horsemen and Cavalry * important information for parents, schools & eye doctors * 100% tax-deductible donations * fabulous Vision First board, honorary board, and volunteers * wonderful Vision First friends * wonderful Care2 friends * 1,048 signatures on first petition for First Notice * truth and courage * the last letter written by our beloved Dr. Woods * second petition for Second Notice off to a good start * We’re here for you!

When Amy’s first eye exam found her vision problem, I knew it was no mistake she passed her vision screenings.  Hence, Illinois passed two children’s vision laws in four years.  No one thought this could happen. 

Now Vision First is trying to get our form accepted by the State of Illinois. I remind myself daily to trust in the process and to remain patient and persistent anyways.

Believe gratitude is the key that turns trials into triumphs. 

May gratitude fill your heart today and everyday.

Show your gratitude to Vision First here…


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  1. I believe every child in the United States should have to have there eyes checked every year, before the beginning of the year free. A lot of children fail school for they can’t see well and won’t say anything because they are afraid kids will make fun of them. Children are very cruel in schools.

  2. Thanks, Joy, for caring about kids.

    You’re right…children with vision problems don’t know they can’t see well. They think blurred or distorted vision is normal. It’s up to us, as adults, to look out for them and their visual welfare.

  3. You hit the nail right on the head Janet…not only did I think EVERYONE saw things the way I did (blurred and distorted)… I also thought that all of the States and the world’s Countrys were the colors shown on the schools wall maps …lol… Children need you Janet..never give up…OK? Your friend, Dolores (a child who had bad eyes and apparently NO common sense.)… HAPPY THANKSGIVING Janet to you and yours…God Bless You.

  4. I will never give up, Dolores. I promise!

    You unfairly fell through the cracks of a flawed system many years ago, but your pain can help others now.

    I am so thankful our paths crossed. I care and will keep fighting for what’s best for the children. YOU are my inspiration!

    Remember, you DO have common sense. You recognize the value of Vision First!

    God bless you, Dolores, and your beautiful family!

  5. Janet, You are a blessing to all of us and the ripple effect of your work will last for the ages. This is a wonderful cause and I value your story and the stories of so many others who have been touched by this in one way or another. I will do what I can to help you get the message out to the larger audience! This is a mission with a powerful purpose! God bless you and your work on behalf of all of us…
    Lucy Beal, M.S., N.C.C.

  6. Janet,
    What a wonderful cause! I will do whatever I can to help you reach the larger audience. The ripple effect from your efforts will last for the ages. Thank you so much for the work you are doing to help our children…and our children’s children…
    Thank you so very much!
    God bless you,
    Lucy Beal, M.S., N.C.C.

  7. What a beautiful cause Janet. GOD bless you for all you do for the kids.
    Much Love as always, B.D.

  8. Today with the PediaVision available every child can request their pediatrician (during their well baby clinic ) to inform the parents as to whether or not the child has an eye muscle imbalance or/and a refractive error (blurred or distorted vision) that needs immediate correction by an eye care specialist. This is every child’s right in order for them to develop comfortable and efficient binocular vision. If the fusion mechanism is not stabilized by the time a chld is one year old, there definitely is a neuro- visual problem which needs to be identified, and early correction is an absolute necessity. keep pushing for Amy’s law to be passed and yes indeed Rachael’s dream of eradicating amblyopia will become a reality. just call on me for further help if you need it. I have been there and i have a true story and medical history to back up these facts.

  9. jANET, MY DEAR , PLEASE KEEP ME POSTED ON DEVELOPMENT AS THEY OCCURR AND WITHOUT A DOUBT WHEN MY STORY IS TOLD BEFORE CONGRESS, NO DOUBT THAT “PRESERVATION OF sIGNT LAW OF 2009 WILL BE VOTED ON SUCCESSFULLY AND PAST ON TO pRE. oBAMA TO BE PASSED INTO A NATIONAL LAW THAT WILL PROVIDE FOR THE VERY SPECIAL NEEDS OF VERY SPECIAL KIDS WHICH ARE eARLY IDENTIFICATION AND early correction by eye care specialists wich may include (surgery during to align the eyes cosmetically with hopes that nature will take over and fusion will take place in the child’s neuological system. If fusion does not happen than Orthotic theraphy to equalize the images in both eyes should be made available to our very special kids and rehabilitation of binocular vision training should be granted to the Kids. perhaps we should start thinking about vision training (like speech training and other training programs) should be impemented under “SPECIAL EDUCATION FOR KIDS IN NEED OF LEARNING TO USE THEIR TWO EYES TOGETHER AS ONE, BY means of orthoptic therapy and/or vision training under the classificationof “DEVELOPMENTAL VISION’ AS THE PROCESS IS KNOWN IN THE OPTOMETRIC PROFESSION AND TAUGHT AT THE GESELL INSTITUTE OF EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT (COVT) COLLEGE OF OPTOMETY VISION TRAINING

  10. Lucy, Dalia, and Rachael….thank you so much for your kind words and generous support.

    I feel very lucky and blessed to have wonderful people like you by my side!

    Yes…Vision First is a great cause. I will continue to push for “Amy’s Law” and a required eye exam before starting school in every state.

    Thanks, again, for helping to make that happen!

  11. Dear!

    I fear that Pakistani children will go without eye care.


  13. Thanks, Regina, for being a precious friend, too, and for all your support and encouragement. I hope and pray Vision First turns into a big success and can help many, many children.

    Ferhan…I hope, too, that your Pakistani children can get the eye care they deserve. You are a great leader to know the importance of their visual needs. Ferhan, I’m hoping my great doctor friends can help here. There is a wonderful organization called VOSH that may be able to help. I will contact you with more information soon.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving…

  14. […] Feast for Your Eyes  November 26, 2008 My gratitude list of all the good at Vision First Foundation is here.  Includes links to every page on the Vision First website. FYI: “What’s New” has the latest info!  This post also made the front page at Care2 News Network (C2NN) thanks to my wonderful Care2 friends! […]

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