Posted by: Janet Hughes | October 31, 2008

Trick or treat? Dispelling myths in eye care.

j0309567Here are ten eye care myths dispelled in the Halloween spirit:

1. Trick or treat? Vision disorders are not common in children.
TRICK! The National Eye Institute reports vision disorders are the most common handicapping condition in childhood.

2. Trick or treat? Children will tell an adult when they have a vision problem.
TRICK! Children with impaired vision often do not know it. They can be very good at compensating and accommodating poor vision.

3. Trick or treat? Children should be given vision screenings.
TRICK! The latest study by the National Eye Institute found vision screenings missed between 32 and 63% of vision problems identified by eye examinations.

4. Trick or treat? Vision screenings are good enough.
TRICK! Vision screenings attempt to separate those with possible vision problems (fail) from those without (pass) and nothing more. Vision screenings do not diagnose eye and vision problems. Read this article and more on the Vision First website…

5. Trick or treat? Vision screenings test and evaluate.
TRICK! Vision screenings do not test and evaluate. Only an eye doctor’s eye exam can. There is a big difference between screenings and exams. Read this fact sheet…

6. Trick or treat? 20/20 eyesight is perfect vision.
TRICK! 20/20 (or clear visual acuity) is NOT perfect vision. The eyes also need to work together as a team. Read about the eye chart here…

7. Trick or treat? A pediatrician can diagnose amblyopia or “lazy eye.”
TRICK! Only an eye doctor’s eye exam can diagnose amblyopia. (optometrist or ophthalmologist) A pediatrician does not have the equipment and training.

8. Trick or treat? Vision and learning are NOT related.
TRICK! Vision IS related to learning! Read this great article about learning difficulties here…

9. Trick or treat? Children with ADD, ADHD, or other learning problems don’t have a vision problem.
TRICK! These children could have a learning-related vision problem. Read another great article that explains how education can benefit from behavioral optometry here…

10. Trick or treat? Vision therapy is “hocus pocus.”
TRICK! Vision therapy is NOT “hocus pocus.” It is a proven treatment. Read the latest study that proves vision therapy is effective for one type of vision problem called, “convergence insufficiency or CI” here. Note: Vision therapy and CI is listed on the Vision First form but not on the State form in Kentucky, Missouri, or Illinois.

j0283647Don’t be tricked. Our children deserve the best treatment. Vision First is full of treats!

What’s new! Give parents the choice to upgrade children’s eye care.  Sign our petition here. (Posted 10/31/08)

Thank you for your support of Vision First Foundation.

Copyright (c) 2008 Vision First Foundation. All rights reserved.


  1. Trick or Treat…A Treat would be if the form is made law with mandatory use in all states. Being consistant is everything!

    Although my kids are grown, my grandchildren are not. I wish for them the best, because I didn’t have that choice for mine. So, do the right thing for a change and make this form not only a law, but mandatory to be used. Then spread its usage thru-out the U.S. and maybe even international. Stop pretending to care about children and start being serious about them.

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  3. Thanks, Larry, for your great comment. You are so right…being consistent is everything!

    Getting our form approved was the wish of Dr. Floyd Woods, who recently passed away and is terribly missed.

    Dr. Woods wanted our Vision First form to set the standard not only in Illinois, but across the country.

    We’re trying and I certainly won’t give up. Just like you, we believe our children deserve better than what they’ve been getting.

    Thanks for all your help and support. We need more parents and grandparents like you who are looking out for our children!

  4. Janet, as usual it is fantastic. It so interesting to read the facts that way. YES THEY ARE THE FACTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMITMENT AND ALL YOU DO.

  5. Thanks, Nora. I’m glad you had fun reading this post. I had a lot of fun writing it!

    The public has been tricked for too long. It’s about time the spell is broken!

    Thanks for all your help and support. Together, we’re making a difference in the eyes of so many children…

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  7. […] Although the Halloween has past, I thought this was a good post, in the spirit of the season: Trick or treat? Dispelling myths in eye care. […]

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