Posted by: Janet Hughes | October 12, 2008

Vision First form upgrades children’s eye care

Website Photo Julie no glasses at pool“Bringing children’s vision into the 21st century” needs more than a good public awareness campaign. It needs a good report form for eye exams.

Vision First has that form:  The Preschool and Student Comprehensive Eye and Vision Examination Report.

Here are the top ten benefits of using the Vision First form:

• Designed for the parent and teacher.
• Provides education on children’s vision.
• Suitable for recommended and required eye exams.
• Emphasizes a comprehensive eye and vision examination.
• Illustrates eye health, visual acuity, refractive evaluation, and visual efficiency.
• Accompanies prewritten letters for schools.
• Contains a vision screening disclaimer.
• Includes a Reference Page for parents and teachers.
• Represents high standards of eye care.
• Brings meaning and purpose to an eye examination.

Here’s what people are saying about the Vision First form: (from our petition at Care2)

“It is so important we all support this form and raise the standard of eye care our children deserve.” (#639, Janice)

“We need to protect our children and their future. The Vision First form puts the needs of the child first.” (#376, Rupe)

“This should have happened many years ago.” (#254, J. Brad)

“Aren’t the children important enough to be taken care of in this matter… please… help to pass this in every state… for all children.” (#252, Dee)

“Burocrats of America, shape up! The Vision First form is simpler and clearer.” (#814, Christoph)

This comment broke my heart: “I was one of the unlucky children who went through school not able to see the blackboard or even my teacher. Needless to say, I failed all through school until the day I quit, with the blessings of everyone concerned, at the age of 16. I needed glasses. I did not get them. NO one cared. As a result…I am uneducated and poor. Please do not do this to other children. Please do not destroy any chance of a good job and a good life. ALL children need their eyes examined from year to year while in School.” (#825, Blu)

Thank you, Blu…you sealed my commitment to this cause and the Vision First form.

I care…

I hope all of you do, too.

Support the use of the Vision First form.

Public comments period in Illinois ends October 19, 2008. Please join us. Sign our petition and submit a letter today…

and make a difference in the eyes of a child.
UPDATE: New petition needs your signature for “Second Notice.”

Make a difference here.

Copyright (c) 2008 Vision First Foundation. All rights reserved.


  1. Children are the future , take care of them!

  2. I am honored to help Janet and VISION FIRST… God Bless you Janet and all those wonderful people involved with VISION FIRST… I am one of the children who failed (all through) school because NO ONE picked up on my vision problems…Janet is a Heaven sent Blessing to all children with bad eyes…and me too.

  3. The future are our Children!

  4. I’ve already responded before, but feel that this is so important that every child be given the option of an eye exam, because I was a child once who couldn’t see the blackboard, but my parents cared enough to do something about it. Not every child has that option. Good on you Blu and you also Janet. I REALLY CARE ABOUT THIS.

  5. Children are our love, happiness, and our experiences of many unique and joyful journeys. We need to love and take care of them, for they are our future of this world and what better hands to put it in then “our own children”!

    Your Friend,


  6. Children need to be looked after. Care for their eyes!

  7. Hugs and thanks to my new friends: Aletta, Dolores, Henry, Judy, Brigette, and Raja. Your comments are great! 🙂

    Yes…we must put the children first. Another reason why Vision First has been so successful. We’re doing what’s best and right for the children.

  8. Vision First is doing a great job educating the parents about their child’s vision. The Vision First form is very helpful for parents and teachers in making decisions for the children.

  9. Take care of the children! Great Job!

  10. Thanks, Shirley, for your support. Vision First is certainly looking out for what’s best and right for the children! 🙂

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  14. […] Vision First form upgrades children’s eye care October 12, 2008 Includes the top ten benefits of using the Vision First form AND great comments from our first petition. […]

  15. […] Vision First form upgrades children’s eye care October 12, 2008 Includes the top ten benefits of using the Vision First form AND great comments from our first petition. […]

  16. […] Vision First form upgrades children’s eye care  October 12, 2008 […]

  17. […] Schools will only count the State of Illinois Eye Examination Report as proof of an eye exam. FYI… Parents can still submit the Vision First form to their child’s school in addition to the State form for kindergarten.  The Vision First form can also be submitted for students in grades preschool through high school.  Learn the benefits of using the Vision First form here… […]

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